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Sad Clown
Sad Smile
Sad Smiley
Sadly Funny
Safe Fireworks
Safe Guns
Safe Investment
Safety Hazard
Same Cliches
Same Difference
Same Old Brand New Excuse
Sandwich Cookie
Sanitary Landfill
Sanitary Napkin
Sanitary Sewer
Saving Souls
Saying Nothing
School Vacation
Science Fiction
Scientific Belief
Scientific Creationism
Scientific Speculation
Scottish Danish (Pastry)
Scrap Gold
Scream Silence (Alternative Rock Band)
Screaming Silence
Sea Farming
Sea shore
Second Best
Second Initial
Second Last
Secret FBI Files
Self Confrontation
Self Help
Self Regulation
Selfish Lover
Semi Boneless
Senior Freshman
Sergeant Major
Serious Banter
Serious Fun
Serious Humor
Serious Joke
Seriously Funny
Seriously Hilarious
Seriously Insane
Seriously Joking
Seriously Lying
Settled Explorer
Sexless Marriage
Shared Experience
Shared Secret
Sharp Curve
She's the Man
Short Distance
Short Giant
Short Novel
Short Pants
Short Survey
Short Tall Tales
Shout in a Whisper
Show Business
Show About Nothing (Seinfeld)
Shredded Documents
Shrink an Expansion
Silence Speaks
Silence Whistles
Silent Alarm
Silent Laughter
Silent Noise
Silent Scream
Silent Sound
Silent Speech
Simple Complexity
Simplexity (Company Name, Simple Complexity)
Simply Advanced
Simply Amazing
Simply Hard
Simply Superb
Sincere Liar
Sincere Lie
Sincere Phoney (Book title, James H. Boren)
Single Copy
Single Pair
Single Parent
Singles Club
Sit Up
Sitting Up
Skin-care for Men
Skinny Fat
Sky Land
Sleeping Like a Baby
Sleepless Night
Sliced Live Fish (sign in fish harbour)
Slight Exaggeration
Slightly Impossible
Slightly Overweight
Sloppy Chic (Sloppy way of tech dress)
Slow Speed
Slow and Steady Rush
Slumdog Millionaire
Small Crowd
Small Earthquake
Small Fortune
Small Giant
Small Miracle
Small World
Smaller Half
Smart Ass
Smart Bomb
Smokeless Tobacco
Smolder (means: to burn with little smoke and no flame.)
Snow White Tan (Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie)
Sober Alcoholic
Sober Drunk
Social Science
Socialist Market Economy
Socialist Worker
Soft Porn
Soft Rock
Software Manual
Solo Concert
Sopho more (Wise fool)
Sound Sculpture
Sound of Silence
Sour Candy
Space Jam
Speak Without a Word
Specialize in Everything
Spectator Sport
Speed Bump
Speed Limit
Spend thrift
Spoken Thought
Sports Sedan
Square Hole
Square Ring (Boxing)
Squared Circle (Wrestling)
Staged Accident
Stagnant Growth
Stainless Steel Cleaner
Stand Down
Stand Fast
Standard Deviation
Standard Options
State of the Union
Stateless Material
Statusless (is a status)
Steam Grilled
Steel Wool
Still Life
Still Movement
Still Moving
Still Wind
Straight Angle
Straight Out of Line
Straight Turn
Strangely Familiar
Strategic Withdrawal
String Cheese
Stripper's Dressing Room
Strong Wimp
Structured Chaos
Student Athlete
Student Teacher
Study Break
Stupid Genius
Stupidly Clever
Successful Failure (NASA called the Apollo 13 mission)
Successful Suicide
Sugar-Free Cake
Sugarless Candy
Suicide Medicine
Suicide Victim
Summer Rain
Summer School
Sun Shade
Sun Shower
Super Normal
Sure Bet
Surprised Noone
Surprised Psychic
Surprisingly HumanSlogan of Animal Planet TV Channel
Sustainable Mining
Sweet Bread (a variety of meat)
Sweet Death
Sweet Meat (variety of sweets)
Sweet Pain
Sweet Pickle
Sweet Revenge
Sweet Sacrifice (song by Evanescence)
Sweet Sin
Sweet Sorrow (William Shakespeare)
Sweet Torture
Sweet and Sour
Sweet Smell of Fresh Stink
Systematic Chaos

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